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The first time I spoke to youth was to a crowd of over 1000 students on a mission trip to Jamaica. This was the moment that sparked my love for speaking. I connected with their hunger. I knew that in their hearts they were ravenous for authentic love and for the ultimate truth. It was only a few years earlier at that point that I was in high school and was utterly confused about who I was and what it meant to be fully alive. I believed the lies of the culture and I knew exactly what it was like to live in that darkness. I identify with the search for freedom that is in the heart of every young person.

I have seen in the eyes of young men and women a universal desire for something more. I am passionate about witnessing to what that “something more” really is. It’s not a bunch of rules that I decided to follow when I was 15 years old because I was up for the challenge. It’s about a Man who is the root of all my longings and desires.

I began speaking as a pro-life and chastity speaker immediately after graduating from Franciscan University. Since then, I have become a full time Campus Minister at an all girls Catholic high school while I continue to speak all over the country. My hope and goal is that, as a vessel of the Holy Spirit, I will help audiences grown in a deeper desire for intimacy with Jesus Christ, especially through the Sacraments and a relationship with Our Lady.



Megan has spoken to thousands of young people from small classrooms to whole school assemblies.

"...to love God and neighbor is not something abstract...it means seeing in every person the face of the Lord..."

Pope Francis


Megan Mastroianni speaking to thousands of young girls at Steubenville Main Campus 2015 – Women’s Session


Megan Mastroianni speaking to thousands of young people at Steubenville Conference 2015

"It is Jesus that you seek when you dream of happiness..."

Saint Pope John Paul II


“To a generation that seems to lack conviction and passion, Megan brings more than enough of both. She defines radical in her personality and lifestyle, so much so that the teens cannot help but be drawn into the radical life of Jesus Christ. Megan is relatable in making the gospel of Christ real to the teens’ lives and yet sets a heavenly standard for the them to strive towards.”

Jamie Cleaton, Founder of Paradigm Clothing & Youth Minister

“Megan’s time with our students was some of the most valuable time they spent all year. Listening to Megan’s relatable, entertaining, serious, and humble testimony changed their lives like only the compassion and honesty of love can. The power of a true witness to Christ is a priceless compass in the desert of teens’ lives, who are so desperately seeking love and truth in such a wide variety of places today.”

Dan Pepe, Youth Minister, Teacher & Director of faith formation

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